Sarabha II Restaurant

Sarabha II Restaurant


Sarabha II Restaurant is one of the two Sarabhas back to back by the Tharabar Gate,  the one behind, located  away from the road. It’s a great midday resting point for shade and its range of food (Chinese, Thai, Burmese, pizza). The food’s good, and cheaper than hotel restaurants, but best are the cold towels handed out to wipe the dust from your face.  You can easily reach the place by horse cart or bicycle.

Menu Type

European, Chinese, Thai, Traditional Foods, Japanese.

4 Styles of Service in the SARABHA II Restaurant Business

  • 1st Style : A fast-food or quick-service restaurant style provides the quickest service and food at the cheapest prices. For Fast-food , include a place to dine, while some may possess only drive-through or walk-up windows for customers to order and pick up food. Fast-food often serve hamburgers, chicken, sub sandwiches, soft drinks or ice cream etc . . .
  • 2nd Style : Fast-casual restaurant style is similar to fast-food style, but customers can perceive the food as healthier or of higher quality. However in our Restaurant,the perception of healthier or higher-quality food doesn’t allow us to charge higher prices than fast-foods because we need only your sactisfaction.
  • 3rd Style : Fine-dining restaurant style come with the most elaborate menus and expensive prices. We want to present you an atmosphere of elegance and grace. Many require customers to make reservations to dine. In Sarabha 2 ,most customers do not mind paying the expensive prices because of the perceived value they receive from eating at fine-dining restaurants.
  • 4th Style : Casual-dining restaurant style offer food similar to fast-casual establishments but with a table-service dining atmosphere. We provide a family-friendly environment. The menus are usually not more extensive than at fast-casual places. Casual-dining restaurants style employ waiters who take customers’ orders and serve the food. The prices of casual-dining restaurants style are lower than at fine-dining, but a little more expensive than at fast-casual styles.

Special Features

(a) Quiet, peaceful and relaxing surroundings
(b) Free Wi-Fi
(c) Puppet show
(d) Buffet for every meal on a particular occasion
(e) Fabulous staff and management for enjoying parties